Penetrating Oil, Lithium Grease, Silicone Lubricant | WD-40 Specialist
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WD-40® SpecialistWD-40® Specialist
  • Xtreme Off-Road Machine Giveaway

    You could win the WD-40® Specialist® Xtreme Machine. #WD40XtremeMachine

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  • Rust Release Penetrant Spray

    Need to loosen rusted parts? WD-40® Specialist® Rust Release Penetrant Spray penetrates rust 50% faster than the leading competitor and also helps prevent rust and corrosion.

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  • Rust Remover Soak and Corrosion Inhibitor

    To restore surfaces to bare metal and then protect from rust and corrosion for up to two years, trust these products to get the job done.

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  • The WD-40® Specialist® Product Line

    A new line of best-in-class specialty maintenance products formulated to give trade professionals the performance they need to get their specific jobs done right.

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